The Revelstoke Women's Shelter Society is a community based non-profit organization that works collaboratively with its board of directors, staff and members to ensure women fleeing abuse and breaking through isolation are supported. The Shelter's board is committed to steering the organization towards a sustainable future by adopting sound, ethical, and legal governance and financial management policies, as well as making sure the Shelter has adequate resources to advance its mission.

Karen Scott - Chair

Carol Hascarl - Treasurer

Meg Irving - Secretary

Stephanie Claivaz-Loraanger - Director

Jacqueline Kelsall - Director

Lisa Lamothe - Director

Working together to end violence against women

Lynn Loeppky - Executive Director

Lynn has been with the Revelstoke Women’s Shelter Society for over 10 years and has an extensive background in the social sector. Previously she has worked for the Government of Saskatchewan and dealt with all types of disabilities such as autism, fetal alcohol syndrome and mental health issues.

Talented in team management, relationship and conflict resolution, Lynn sees people as individuals with individual needs and ideas. With this foundation she manages the team of dedicated staff at the shelter.

Lynn is an active member of the Child Youth Mental Health Substance Use Collaborative and the Integrated Case Assessment Team (ICAT). The ICAT builds safety plans for high risk domestic violence cases.

As Executive Director, Lynn aims to grow the Moving Forward program and seek out opportunities for second stage housing, which will help ease the transition for women into the Revelstoke community.

Sanja Radovic - Moving Forward Coordinator

Sanja is a student of counselling with a background in communications and music. She was brought up in Serbia by a group of strong, dedicated women who instilled in her values that guide her path today – connect, support and diligently work for your environment and community.

The first big move of her life came 12 years ago, when she relocated to Australia. Adapting to the new language and culture brought many challenges that transformed over time into blessings – her world was expanding and growing with each new experience in this diverse society. While studying sociology and communications at university, she always maintained her studies in music theory and harmony, as well as her piano practice, obtaining her Performance Diploma along the way.

Traveling through Australia, Europe, and Asia, Sanja worked in the communications field, volunteered, played and taught music and learned about the many faces of our fast-changing global village. Over the years she developed a keen interest in the mental health field, and the links between the human psychology and a healthy, functioning society.

In 2014, she settled in Canada. Looking for ways to contribute her skills to her community’s mental wellbeing, she developed workshops based on the music therapy technique of vocal toning, helping individuals soothe anxiety, find their voice and provide a space for self-introspection and healing. She is currently studying professional counselling and aims to merge her knowledge with the experience in sound therapy for future practice.

Sanja is greatly inspired by the drive and passion of Revelstoke’s social sector. As the Moving Forward Coordinator at Women’s Shelter, she is excited to utilize and grow the program’s holistic approach in cultivating connection, supporting the vulnerable and growing a therapeutic community in our wonderful home.

Lisa Cyr - Community Response Coordinator

Lisa has worked in the social sector for over 5 years, focussing primarily on communication rights, and violence against women online. She has a Master’s in Cross cultural communication and a degree in international studies. She speaks several languages fluently and also teaches yoga.