Financial Abuse


Has your partner ever:

  • Insisted on making all the decisions about money
  • Insisted on taking care of all financial matters without your input
  • Criticized the way or amounts of money you spend
  • Placed you on a budget that is unrealistic
  • Prevented you from having access to bank accounts, financial/legal documents or credit cards
  • Refused to put your name on joint assets
  • Controlled or taken away your paycheck or other money
  • Refused you access to money
  • Refused to let you work, volunteer or attend school
  • Refused to get a job
  • Refused to pay bills
  • Spent all of the money recklessly or ran up bills
  • Caused you to lose your job or get in trouble at work or school
  • Threatened to withhold financial support if you leave
  • Refused to let you drive, own a car or use other transportation