Sexual Abuse


Has your partner ever:

  • Pressured you to have sex
  • Pressured you to perform sexual acts that made you uncomfortable or hurt you
  • Directed physical injury toward sexual areas of your body
  • Put you at risk for unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases
  • Withheld sex or affection
  • Called you names that put down women
  • Told anti-woman jokes or demeaned women verbally
  • Accused you of having or wanting sex with others
  • Forced you to have sex with others
  • Threatened to disclose your relationship when you did not want it known
  • Forced you to view pornography
  • Pressured you to dress in a certain way
  • Disregarded your sexual needs and feelings about sex
  • Accused you of being gay if you refused sex (for heterosexual relationships)
  • Spread rumors about your sexual behaviors
  • Forced you or refused to let you use birth control
  • Made unwanted public sexual advances
  • Made remarks about your sexual abilities in private or in front of others
  • Raped/sexually assaulted you